Hairy women in Breakeyville, Quebec la

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Refworks . The Chung Collection. Featured Collection. Brown Mr 1 G.. Shaw Mr. Stuckert xkMr. Linn Mr. Boehm Mr. Mr, F. Cosar Mr. Stokes Mr. Since that time in asing s to new stations, efforts have been made to maintain a numeric sequence geographically. Unfortunately this has not always been possible. In addition the regional reorganization has resulted in overlap of s as between the Regions, as shown below.

While it would be desirable to accomplish this when issuing a new book it is considered re-allocation of the station s thus involved would seriously and adversely affect our I. Existing station s have therefore been maintained in the following series. Prairie Region Pacific Region including B. Stations are printed in Italics when shown on a division other than that having jurisdiction. When stations, sidings, etc. Approvedt Mr. Marie " Cartier Chapleau " Franz " White River " Schreiber Fort William Ont. Ignace Kenora " Paddington Man. Winnipeg " Emerson " Brandon " Broadview Sask. US Annapolis Royal N.

Princes of Acadia N. Barnard Benson Me. Andrews N. Skinner ST. Stephen Piggyback N. Dibblee " Valley " Fredericton N. Cont'd Kilburn N. Leonard I. Basil " Fraser Jet. Beebe Junction Vt. Camille " North H alley 99 Adams 99 Ste. Sabine " Lennoxville Q. Justine " Sherbrooke Q. Sherbrooke Q. Germ aine " Ste. Rose " Piggyback Morisset " Cumberland " St.

Henedine " Lower Sherbrooke f9 St. Anselme " Newington 99 St. Bruno 99 99 Bilodeau 99 Vallee Jonetion 99 Ste. Male, Spur Cadoma Q. Quebec Q. Cecile 99 St. Sebastian 99 Courcelles 99 St. Evariste 99 St. Ephrem St. Paul Bulwer " Johnville " Lennoxville Q. Brigide ' Versailles St. Gregoire ' Iberville Jet. Luc " St. Hyacinthe ' Ste. Rosalie Jet. Rosalie Barnet " St.

Simon ' C. Spur " St. Prime ' St. Johnsbury " Cordon ' Centervale St. C ont'd Quebec Que. Quebec Wharf fg Lanoraie Joliette Que. Faustin Que. Gabriel tt Annonciation tt Lacoste tt Bellerive tt St. Bordeaux Que. Martin tt Redmill " St. Martin Jet. Murphy Buckingham Que. Siding St. Maurice St. Nareisse " Garneau Ste. Therese St. Augustin Ste. Scnolastique St. Hermas Lachute Staynerville Marelan Grenville que. Annes tt Imperial Oil Ltd. Therese Que. Barthelemy Dupuy Bouchard It St.

Cuthbert y Choisy Berthier St. Eugene Stardale Ont. Marguerite Pit tt M. Vincent de Paul Ste. Agathe tt Leonard tt B. Oil " Navan " Berthierville Que. Lazare St. Clet DeBeaujeu Soulanges St. Belanger Siding. Piggyback Toronto Union - Simcoe St. Milton Brick Sdg. Christie Campbell ville Guelph Jet. London Adelaide St. Cont'd A.

Spur Molson St. Cont'd Moose Jaw S Colwyn ask. Antelope Gull Lake Sask. Spur Medicine Hat Alta. Mendham Gascoigne Burs tall Sask. A Ita. Spur M Kaleden " Revelstoke B. Spur t M Carney Spur M Lumber Co. M C Colvalli B. Spur " F. Name Prov. Oil Co. Spur Agassiz Piggyback B. Spur Man. Manure Spur Alta. Merchandise Ont. Spur M.

Hairy women in Breakeyville, Quebec la

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