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Oak is a fabulous wood, probably one of the best. However, those dated oak cabinets need to be refinished with a modern color or stain. Many decide to forgo a much-needed renovation and just rock the oak look. However, just know everyone is secretly judging you for your bad decisions.

Along with the farmhouse craze, doilies have resurfaced and found their new place, and we have strong opinions about it. Do NOT bring those grimy dust collectors into your home. Doilies are completely useless and just add to the clutter in a home.

Potpourri, those dusty scented wood shavings need to go--all the way in the trash! You may still see them in select stores but look the other way. Potpourri is out, and has been since Free up that space on your bathroom counter and toilet tanks and maybe wipe them down with some Lysol every now and then.

If you could hold a blacklight to these biohazard cesspools you would never, EVER, bring them into your home again. Nothing is more grandma chic than dusty, silk floral arrangements. In grandma houses across America this is the one thing that will be in every corner, floating shelf, and coffee table.

Keep the silks at bay. These ceramic tchotchkes are so coveted, you may feel prompted to shroud them in a glass cabinet for safe viewing. The fact of the matter is that they're not all that great. Actually, you know what? Throw them in the trash today before the granny vibes seep any further into your brain.

Next thing you know, you'll put out those hard strawberry candies in a glass bowl. Back in the day it was a novel idea to adorn the tops of your cabinets with the cheapest, scraggliest strand of faux ivy you could find. People just put them up there and totally forgot about them for 30 years! We recommend going before 5am to beat the traffic. I mean really, you might as well start wearing your glasses around your neck and spying on your neighbors through your mini blinds. These heinous bed skirt accessories have now gone the way of the top sheet. Consider refinishing these pieces, but please for the love of everything good and fashionable, do not go for the farmhouse shabby-chic look!

If you thought oak furniture was the only hardwood that made our list, you were wrong. Cherry wood is just as bad. Cherry wood is what most grandmas replaced their oak dining set with… in ! We know buying houseplants is a wonderfully whimsical experience, however if the thought crosses your mind to buy a fern, remember this bit of advice. Ferns belong in retirement homes, and no one wants to sweep up after that mess anyways. Do you want your house to look like Cracker Barrel? We hope not As in, in the trash - in the alley. In all seriousness if you love cats that much just get a real one.

Yard flags do exactly what baby-boomers love to do - state the obvious. Yes, spring is in the air. You can feel it every time you walk outside, and the pollen punches you in the face. Thanks for the reminder, Nancy. Or you could not and spare us all the external display of your internal monologue. Traditionally, magazine racks went next to your favorite chair and housed your prized magazines and newspapers.

The Martha Stewart collection is chocked full of pastels and varying shades of beige - all the wonderful colors your grandma would pick. You also have riveting pattern options like florals, gingham, and plaid. Get in your car, and never look back. People who praise paisley are delusional from staring at it for too long. The only person who still has a place for paisley is your great grandmother. From paisley pillows to paisley curtains, you can find this print on just about anything. Spend a little more time shopping around for the perfect picture.

Leave the florals for the people who need them the most. Women over the age of What in the world is mauve? Mauve is the disturbing color that exists somewhere between purple, red, brown, and pink. Image mixing ketchup, mayo, and purple food dye. So, take a hint, Mauve is for grannies! Mauve in the home is like a house full of roaches. Seriously, people spent their entire lives from to making their homes look like an abandoned barn left stranded in the middle of a Kansas corn field!

Unfortunately, the farmhouse fanaticism hit this most vulnerable demographic the hardest - the elderly. So, if you ripped out your kitchen and crammed in a gigantic sink and hung rusty barn doors all throughout your house, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Just kidding, you made those choices all on your own.

About ten years ago the wall clock craze was in full tilt. Some were even painting giant clocks on the wall. For what reason? Wall clocks especially in excess are tacky and useless. Ditch that clock and get yourself and smartphone grandma! Oak Cabinets. Silk Floral Arrangements. Precious Moments Angels. Kitchen Ivy. Pioneer Woman Kitchenware. Dust Ruffles. Oak Furniture.

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Granny shag Appleton

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Granny shag Appleton