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Your computer use can be monitored in a variety of ways, and may be impossible to erase or conceal. If you are in danger, use the Escape button to leave this website. About Who Are We? Ijeoma Oluo is a Seattle-based writer, speaker, and Internet Yeller. Raised in Idaho, Amy has deep roots in social justice activism. Amy ed the staff of Western States Center in after serving on its board for 11 years, including nine as board chair. Her professional experience ranges from human rights policy advocacy and labor organizing to electoral management and award-winning journalism.

Aparna Shah has worked to co-create and catalyze transformative social change for over 25 years. She le the reset project at Power California , which le with cultural strategy and embodied practice to cultivate imagination and build power toward inclusive and participatory governance. The reset project advances governance that centers people and the natural world by holding interdependence, self-determination, and sustainability as sacred.

She is passionate about supporting families with culture to enhance their well-being and encouraging staff within direct service areas to use cultural best practices. She is a proud mother, grandmother, and wife who is deeply committed to the health and well-being of her families and community. Bryan Lyda is a cultivator of wholeness and social change, who believes we as a human family can do better. Bryan strives to use fierce compassion and courageous truth telling to foster thriving communities with leaders of all ages and experiences.

His core purpose is to move towards wholeness with fellow men and discover new ways of being rooted in love, connection, and interdependence. While gardening and exploring Idaho keep him grounded, he chooses to take many paths in life and hopes at least a few of them are made of dirt. Casey was the principle developer of preventforcedmarriage.

Prior to ing Tahirih in , Casey worked in the field of refugee resettlement in Baltimore and abroad. Christina M. She thrives best living in her ancestral homelands. MIWSAC is a statewide tribal coalition and national technical assistance provider that works with individual and organizational members across Minnesota, and with tribal grantees and allies nationwide to end sexual violence against Native women and children.

Cristine is a survivor of multiple incidents of sexual violence, as well as long-term child sexual abuse by a self-proclaimed medicine man. She has committed her life to amplifying the voices of survivors and deepening community involvement in ending sexual violence in all its forms. Ed specializes in developing and implementing innovative community-driven strategies to promote equality and prevent gender based violence.

From the deep south, but currently based out of Seattle, she is deeply committed to the complexity of anti-violence work that centers the liberation of Black and Brown people. McFadden has more than 20 years of experience working in the disability community. She has presented at numerous conferences and published academic articles, book chapters, policy briefs and reports on disability with a special focus on governance and empowerment.

Human Rights Institute Fellow. Favianna Rodriguez is an award-winning artist, cultural strategist, and social movement leader who has partnered with national organizations and progressive advocacy groups to de effective cultural campaigns. A strategy advisor to artists of all genres, Favianna is regarded as one of the leading thinkers and personalities uniting art, culture and social impact.

In addition to being the visionary behind the Migration Is Beautiful imagery and narrative — documented by Pharrell Williams in a 3-part documentary — Favianna e mbodies the perspective of a first-generation American Latinx artist with Afro Peruvian roots who grew up in working-class Oakland, California during the birth of the internet, and in the midst of an era of anti-immigrant hate and a war on drugs.

Hellitz Villegas ed Tahirih in She spends most of her time safety planning with service seekers, connecting them to emergency resources, and working with other service providers to ensure the needs of survivors of forced marriage are appropriately met. Prior to ing Tahirih, Hellitz worked with survivors of domestic and sexual violence in crisis, court, and therapeutic settings in Florida. After thirty years in anti-violence work as an attorney, prosecutor, and activist, she has been on a transformational journey toward our collective thriving with an understanding that the practices to cultivate thriving have to begin with ourselves.

She deeply believes that in order to move towards a world that is interdependent, resilient and regenerative, we have to live into that vision ourselves. We cannot become what we cannot imagine. Kristen Zimmerman is committed to bringing about a world that recognizes our fundamental interdependence. As an artist-storyteller, movement maker, strategist and facilitator she helps people open to new ways of thinking and being, align around purpose and move towards action.

She loves being a parent, community weaver, connecting to land through hiking and training in zen buddhism. Malia Collins grew up in Hawaii and has lived, worked, and traveled around the world. She is at work on a collection of essays about Hawaii. Her work continues to focus on liberation, survivor centered advocacy, alternative justice practices, and healing. Her research utilizes Political Science and Indigenous Methodologies to understand political authority and citizenship of the Boise Urban Indian community.

Daniel is the Founder of Spiritual Alchemy which empowers organizations and individuals to rediscover, embrace, and activate their spirituality. In addition to being an attorney for over 25 years, M. Working from the principle that everyone has a connection to Spirit, ML acts as a guide, creating the conditions in which her clients can reconnect to their own deep knowing. She ministers through retreats, workshops, facilitation, speaking engagements, and coaching. ML is devoted to helping justice seekers in both the nonprofit and business worlds. She has had the honor to work with many wonderful organizations, including California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The Resonance Network, and Move to End Violence, a program of the NOVO Foundation, and with individual justice seekers from a broad scope of industries and non-profit leaders seeking to align their lives and work with their purpose.

In , she co-founded Alianza Nacional de Campesinas. She is married to Scott Derome. Nadiah Mohajir is a lifelong Chicagoan, Pakistani-American-Muslim, mother of three, public health professional, reproductive justice activist, and anti-sexual assault advocate. For the last nine years, she has led the organization to provide sexual health education and sexual violence awareness programming and advocacy.

HEART ultimately aims to dismantle the stigma, silence, and systems that prevent individuals from seeking information, healing, and justice. Nadiah has worked in public health and reproductive justice for over fifteen years in the areas of research, academics, policy, and community health. She provides program coordination, technical assistance, and capacity building services around advocacy, social media, digital storytelling, and gender-based violence education.

Navila is also featured as a survivor in the award winning documentary, Breaking Silence, where she addresses the nuances and experiences of being a survivor of sexual violence in a Muslim and South Asian community, and the journey towards healing. Rebeka Ndosi, L. AC, M. She focuses on practical, relevant and integrative healing modalities to support children and youth, especially indigenous youth and youth of color, and the adults and communities who surround them in relieving stress, processing and healing from trauma, and affirming their greatness.

Nivea Castaneda, PhD is a critical Interpersonal, Family, and Health Communication scholar that is interested in the cultural, gendered, and familial discourses that inhibit and enable survival when people experience silenced trauma in the family. More specifically, her research focuses on Latinx family communication with a special emphasis on child sexual abuse disclosures as well as baby loss communication. Her passion is to do transformative community work that helps families learn how to cope and heal through their trauma.

On a personal level, Nivea loves to hang out with her family, loves attending and watching sporting events, and loves trying new food. Ruben Angel , popularly known as Queer Xicano Chisme, is a multimedia content creator present across all social media. Their work includes: curating a social justice blog, writing and editing essays, hosting and producing podcasts, as well as creating video content and other visual media. He employs their embodied knowledge, oral histories, and critical readings, as well as his experience as an organizer, educator, and healer to educate and entertain.

Sarah Curtiss has worked for Men As Peacemakers since Prior to ing Men As Peacemakers, she spent six year providing training and technical assistance for tribal communities both nationally and locally as the director of the Sacred Hoop Coalition through Mending the Sacred Hoop. In her work at Men As Peacemakers, Sarah utilizes primary preventions tools to work with communities to systematically shape their environment to prevent violence against women.

Her greatest accomplishment, in her opinion, is that she is the mother to a dynamic and funny son named Allan. She is a direct descendant of Chief Redheart of the Nez Perce tribe. Toni Brinegar formerly Toni Belknap has had a myriad of life experiences including becoming a wife, mother, employee and business owner.

She is also passionate about intentionally spending time with people that she wants to get to know better and those she wants to continue relationships with. She lives in Nampa with her husband of 22 years, David, their three children Antahn, 20yrs; Grey, 15yrs; and Dante, 11yrs and their cat named Uncle Rico. He recently led statewide hate crime reform efforts in Oregon resulting in a new law being passed. He also has worked diligently on police ability through the Transparency and ability Project, one of a few projects to publish disciplinary records on law enforcement.

Black women sex on Nampa head

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