Love is like friendship caught on fire

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Rays spring from the East like pu The humming bird begins his flight Happily he flies through the purpl Looking for the lovely pink rose. On the mountain peak,. Who knows when meeting shall ever It might be for years or It might be forever. Let us then take a lump of clay, Wet it, pat it,. All streams flowing East or West Must flow into the sea; The current from the middleland Sweeps by the lonely island.

Gold and silver pebbles mingle,. The sun sets low in the west; The farewell song is over; We are separating. Leaning on the sandalwood oar I g Far away, the sky. Young man, Seize every minute Of your time. Thedays fly by; Ere long you too. The breeze on the bank Already blows cool and mild; The distant merging of lake and sk Is but a red trace of sunset.

The deep silence of the lake,. I sit through the long night In the high tower, And listen to the autumn rain Outside my window. There is no sound of human life,. Though the night was made for lovi And the day returns too soon. Other thoughts may come and go,. Down the Western hill the bright Making yellow gold of all the air. On a lonely hilltop, away from the A golden dragon stands staring, wi Dreams that fade and die in the br. The dying sun lies sadly in the fa The autumn wind blows mercilessly; The yellow leaves fall. From the mountain peak, Two streams parted unwillingly,.

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Love is like friendship caught on fire

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Love is like a Friendship Caught on Fire – Is it?