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Willard W. He was 91 years old. He married Dorothy Willoughby on August 31, in Milwaukee. He was employed as a machine operator at Allis Chalmers in Milwaukee for 33 years. Following his retirement he became a realtor. He lived in Las Vegas for 10 years before moving to Merrill in He enjoyed the outdoors, fishing, swimming and spending time at the cottage on Tuttle Lake, Neshkoro, WI. He was preceded in death by a granddaughter. A private celebration of life will be held at his summer home in Iron River, MI. Hello Daddy, Well it is Sept 8th the day before your birthday, and it will be 4 years since I have last seen Zena.

Wow who ever said time heals all wounds was very wrong at least in my case, But then again I was always a little or a lot different. Mom is doing well, She is having the same leg problems you had but, other than that she is doing good. It is such a blessing to have her with me I thank GOD every day that I have her, I'm sure you know that she talks about you a lot, funny stories, Happy stories and some sad either way you are always on her mind.

With your Birthday coming and Zena's 4th year gone I am having a really hard day. I am a work and everyone can tell I'm having a bad time so, they let me sit in the pod most of the day, Nice people as I keep crying on and off I just can not seem to control it, which also pisses me off.. Well I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday a little early.. Mom sends her love as always and please give Zena and all my pets that have passed a hug and kiss I miss them all but, Zena needs a extra hug if you would please.

This is rather nice don't you think.. One more request before I go.. If there is anything I am doing wrong or you would like me to change please some how get a message to me, I will be watching Love you lots Dad please give Zena a big hug and kiss for me I miss her so much Mom misses you a lot, She talks about you all the time. I know you know what I'm feeling lately, I am trying to do what you asked, I am trying to do every thing Mom wishes without question and I think for the most part she is at peace.

I usually love this Holiday season however I just can not wait till it is over this year. It is true what they say, you can not please everyone all the time. I promised to do Moms wishes and I will continue to do that no matter what. I just want you to know no matter what happens Mom will be cared for and anything and everything I can give her I will. I love her very much and would never abuse her in anyway.

Having her with me is a gift I am thankful for every minute of every day. I don't want you to worry I will keep my promise to you and to Mom until my last breath. Please if you can let me know in some way that you are around me and making sure I am doing what you wanted. I hope you are proud and thank you for trusting me to be strong enough to do what is right rather than what anyone else thinks or says.

I love and miss so much and I know Mom does too! L Laura on Mar 24, Hello Again Well it is a few days into Spring and we are having a pretty good snow storm Wausau is getting inches between Wed and Thursday. Mom is doing well, Her legs hurt her a lot but, she keeps going, Nothing going to hold her back Well I will write again soon I miss you so much Hello Daddy, it is Feb, 5th , nothing really has happened lately. I do expect hard times are on the way. Moms doing really good she misses you a bunch.

She has visions she doesn't understand, If your sending them maybe give her a hint to what they mean. We all would like to know. Hello Daddy Well its August 30th and tomorrows is your and Moms anniversary I think its going to be a rough day for her.

She misses you very much, She doesn't really talk about it but, I can tell. Maybe you can do a visit she knows when you are close, she has that special something. I'm trying to keep the cottage up, next summer I think I'll clear that area you wanted done. Well Happy Anniversary : love and miss you very much Hi Daddy, Happy New Year!!!!! I miss you every day and hope you have found all the family that passed before you Please watch over us down here things are getting crazy and I just don't know what's coming next.

They say Sept. Mom's doing fine , she does miss you a lot. Watch over her and help kept her well and safe. G Ganeene Starling on Jul 7, I am so sorry for your loss. I will be praying for you all. God bless your family. The attached photos are added to the memorial of Willard "Bill" Gries to help share their legacy. Just below and we'll send you a calendar reminder. Please help memorize Willard "Bill" Gries by recording your attendance below. You will receive an e-mail daily when a guest leaves a tribute on this obituary. You will receive a notification text whenever there's an update to this obituary.

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Share my wife Neshkoro Wisconsin

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