Horseshoe beach FL

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Horseshoe Beach Marina uses a And November is certainly one of the peak months, with the Gulf waters cooling down from the long hot summer. To the south of town, inshore anglers will find Horseshoe Cove, with its numerous oyster bars and rocky eastern shoreline.

If you consider these bars and lease boundaries obstacles to fishing Horseshoe Cove, you might head elsewhere. If you launch at the County Ramp, head around the point to the turning basin and then head out the main channel. I can easily make this trip in my flats skiff when the tide level is above 1. The deeper edges of these bars will usually yield nice reds and trout for anglers tossing topwater plugs or bouncing jigs of the bottom.

Take care to be stealthy, as some of the bigger fish here are spooky. I recommend using a push pole or trolling motor to approach the bars. The inshore fishery to the north of the County boat ramp is decidedly different from that to the south. First, the water is cleaner and clear. Second, most of the oyster bars are along the fronts of creeks and not in the middle of the bay between town and the Pepperfish Keys to the north. There are, unfortunately for many boaters, many areas of solid limestone rock scattered about the bay.

Depending on the tide, inexperienced visiting anglers will do best to run out to marker 10 and run at moderate speed and high trim on a northerly course. While running, look for Spanish mackerel attacking late-season bait schools trapped by the tides by the Pepperfish Keys promontory, but set your sights on Stuart Point N29 Then, drifting or using your electric motor, head down the shoreline southeasterly to Drum Point N29 Offshore anglers find Horseshoe Beach a good access point to the reliable foot depths where cool water grouper and king mackerel tend to congregate in late fall.

The fathom contour comes nearer shore here than other Big Bend ports, and there are several popular spots to consider. Lamb Spring N29 Depending on water temperatures, you may want to troll over, rather than bottom fish, these spots.

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Horseshoe beach FL

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