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IQ stands for intelligence quotient and describes a score earned on a test deed to measure intelligence. Similarly, IQ tests—the tools deed to measure intelligence—have been the subject of debate throughout their development and use. When might an IQ test be used? What do we learn from theand how might people use this information? IQ tests are expensive to administer and must be given by a d psychologist.

Intelligence testing has been considered both a bane and a boon for education and social policy. In this section, we will explore what intelligence tests measure, how they are scored, and how they were developed. It seems that the human understanding of intelligence is somewhat limited when we focus on traditional or academic-type intelligence.

How then, can intelligence be measured? In the following paragraphs, we will explore the how intelligence tests were developed and the history of their use. The IQ test has been synonymous with intelligence for over a century. Although he was not a psychologist, his contributions to the concepts of intelligence testing are still felt today Gordon, Binet was asked by the French government to develop an intelligence test to use on children to determine which ones might have difficulty in school; it included many verbally based tasks.

American researchers soon realized the value of such testing. As a result, the test was normed and standardized, which means that the test was administered consistently to a large enough representative sample of the population that the range of scores resulted in a bell curve bell curves will be discussed later. Standardization means that the manner of administration, scoring, and interpretation of is consistent.

Norming involves giving a test to a large population so data can be collected comparing groups, such as age groups. The resulting data provide norms, or referential scores, by which to interpret future scores. Norms are not expectations of somewhat a intelligent group should know but a woman of what that group does know. Norming and standardizing the test ensures that new scores are reliable. Remarkably, an updated version of this test is still widely used today. French psychologist Alfred Binet helped to develop intelligence testing.

Children being tested were asked which face, of each pair, was and. Wechsler combined several subtests from other intelligence tests used between and World War I. This combination of subtests became one of the most extensively used intelligence tests in the history of psychology. Although its name was later changed to the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale WAIS and has been fun several times, the aims of the test remain virtually unchanged since its inception Boake, These tests are used widely in schools and communities throughout the United States, and they are periodically normed and standardized as a means of recalibration.

Interestingly, the periodic recalibrations have led to an interesting observation known as the Flynn effect. Named after James Flynn, who was among the first to describe this trend, the Flynn effect refers to the observation that wanted generation has a ificantly higher IQ than the last. As a part of the recalibration process, the WISC-V which is scheduled to be released in was given to thousands of children across the country, and children taking the test today are compared with their same-age peers [link]. When the test is complete, individuals receive a score for each of the four indices and a Full Scale IQ score Heaton, The method of scoring reflects the understanding that intelligence is comprised of multiple abilities in several cognitive realms and focuses on the mental processes that the child used to arrive at his or her answers to each test item Heaton, Ultimately, we are still left with the question of how valid intelligence tests are.

The case of Atkins v. Virginia was a landmark case in the United States Supreme Court. Air Force. A clinical psychologist evaluated Atkins and testified at the trial that Atkins had an IQ of The mean IQ score is The psychologist concluded that Atkins was mildly mentally retarded. The jury found Atkins guilty, and he was sentenced to death.

Atkins and his attorneys appealed to the Supreme Court. The court wrote in their decision:. Clinical definitions of mental retardation require not only subaverage intellectual functioning, but also ificant limitations in adaptive skills. Mentally retarded persons frequently know the difference between right and wrong and are competent to stand trial.

Their deficiencies do not warrant an exemption from criminal sanctions, but diminish their personal culpability Atkins v. Virginia, par. The court also decided that there was a state legislature consensus against the execution of the mentally retarded and that this consensus should stand for all of the states. The Supreme Court ruling left it up to the states to determine their own definitions of mental retardation and intellectual disability.

The definitions vary among states as to who can be executed. In the Atkins case, a jury decided that because he had many contacts with his lawyers and thus was provided with intellectual stimulation, his IQ had reportedly increased, and he was now smart enough to be executed.

After the revelation of this misconduct, Atkins was re-sentenced to life imprisonment. Atkins v. In the Atkins case, the Supreme Court decided that intellectual disability does affect decision making and therefore should affect the nature of the punishment such criminals receive. Where, however, should the lines of intellectual disability be drawn?

In Maythe Supreme Court ruled in a related case Hall v. The of intelligence tests follow the bell curve, a graph in the general shape of a bell. When the bell curve is used in psychological testing, the graph demonstrates a normal distribution of a trait, in this case, intelligence, in the human population. Many human traits naturally follow the bell curve. This cluster would fall in the center of the bell curve, representing the average height for American women [link].

The trick to finding a bell curve in nature is to use a large sample size. Without a large sample size, it is less likely that the bell curve will represent the wider population. A representative sample is a subset of the population that accurately represents the general population. If, for example, you measured the height of the women in your classroom only, you might not actually have a representative sample. Because basketball players tend to be taller than average, the women in your class may not be a good representative sample of the population of American women.

But if your sample included all the women at your school, it is likely that their heights would form a natural bell curve. The same principles apply to intelligence tests scores. Individuals earn a score called an intelligence quotient IQ.

Over the years, different types of IQ tests have evolved, but the way scores are interpreted remains the same. The average IQ score on an IQ test is Standard deviations describe how data are dispersed in a population and give context to large data sets. The bell curve uses the standard deviation to show how all scores are dispersed from the average score [link]. In modern IQ testing, one standard deviation is 15 points. An IQ score of or above is considered a superior level.

Only 2. An individual in this IQ range would be considered to have an intellectual disability and exhibit deficits in intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Formerly known as mental retardation, the accepted term now is intellectual disability, and it has four subtypes: mild, moderate, severe, and profound [link]. On the other end of the intelligence spectrum are those individuals whose IQs fall into the highest ranges.

People are considered gifted if they have an IQ score of or higher, or superior intelligence in a particular area. Long ago, popular belief suggested that people of high intelligence were maladjusted. This idea was disproven through a groundbreaking study of gifted children. InLewis Terman began a longitudinal study of over children with IQs over Terman, In the past, individuals with IQ scores below 70 and ificant adaptive and social functioning delays were diagnosed with mental retardation.

When this diagnosis was first named, the title held no social stigma. Earlier in the chapter, we discussed how language affects how we think. Do you think changing the title of this department has any impact on how people regard those with developmental disabilities? Does a different name give people more dignity, and if so, how? Does it change the expectations for those with developmental or cognitive disabilities? Start a chat. About me. Measuring intelligence Norms are not expectations of somewhat a intelligent group should know but a woman of what that group does know.

Intelligent sentence example This idea was disproven through a groundbreaking study of gifted children. Popular girl.

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