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After being shot in the head during a dangerous high mountain operation in the rugged Watapur Valley in Afghanistan, Jimmy returns to battle with his teammates for a heroic rescue, the bullet fragments stitched over and still in his skull. In a cross between a suicide rescue mission and an against-all-odds mountain battle, his team of PJs risk their lives again in an epic firefight.

When his helicopter is hit and begins leaking fuel, Jimmy finds himself in the worst possible position as a rescue specialist—forced to leave members from his own team behind. Jimmy will have to risk everything to get back into the battle and bring back his brothers. From death-defying Alaskan wilderness training, wild rescues, and vicious battles against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, this is an explosive special operations memoir unlike any that has come before, and the true story of a man from humble beginnings who became an American hero.

Sold by: Amazon. The riveting story of how a young boy's upbringing with outlaw culture and charismatic role models forged him into an elite Marine and a decorated Pararescueman. A living legend in the military, Sparks first made a name for himself within elite Marine Reconnaissance units. He went on to become an instructor where he trained future Reconnaissance Marines with unorthodox and ancient indigenous warrior techniques. A decade later, the same methods would keep him and others alive, when he hoisted into a maelstrom of violence to rescue an embattled platoon in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan.

Introduced to a tough code of honor, family, and brotherhood from birth, Roger Sparks rose to become a distinguished instructor in Marine Reconnaissance and a Silver Star recipient as an Alaska Pararescueman. This powerful and inspirational story is as much of a self-help book as it is an edge of your seat military memoir. Warrior's Creed reveals a motivating and mindful approach to overcoming the odds, facing the impossible, and finding mercy and grace in the aftermath.

The young adult adaptation of the epic memoir of an Alaskan pararescue jumper, Special Forces Operator, and decorated war hero. After being shot in the head during a dangerous high mountain operation in Afghanistan, Jimmy returns to battle with his teammates for a heroic rescue, the bullet fragments stitched over and still in his skull. Jimmy will have to risk everything to get back into the battle and save his brothers. From death-defying Alaskan wilderness training, wild rescues, and battles against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, this is the true story of how a boy from humble beginnings became an American hero.

Jamais ils n'auraient cru que l'Alaska serait la terre de leur cauchemar Une lutte pour leur survie s'engage alors. Seules des traces de ski dans leur sillage semblent prouver qu'ils ne sont pas seuls Don Rearden. Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Martins Press. This is story that legendary surfer Laird Hamilton says is, "Gripping, fast paced, and entertaining. Warrior's Creed shares an inside look into the intense challenges and hardships Roger and men like him have to endure and ultimately overcome to arrive at an enlightened and spiritual frame of mind.

I related to so many tales and philosophies of this book, and it has left me inspired to work even harder, and to save any excuses I may have. Warrior's Creed reconfirms that no matter what type of warrior you are that all warriors live by a similar creed. Words like honor, sacrifice, and duty get bandied around a great deal. Warrior's Creed gets down to the guts of it all, then digs even deeper. It's a book that speaks on many levels--wrenchingly visceral and entertaining. An incredible story, marvelously told. Martin's and also available in a Young Adult edition from St.

Martins and Scholastic. It is a survival story and an edge-of-the-seat thriller. His experiences with the Yup'ik culture shaped both his writing and to a larger extent his worldview. While he is a produced screenwriter and published poet; his heart often draws his writing back to characters and stories that originate on the tundra.

In his fiction he hopes to shed light on the struggles of everyday life in rural Alaska, a place outsiders often view as a mystical and mysterious land. Rearden lives in the mountain community of Bear Valley, Alaska, and teaches writing as a professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage where he shows writers how to develop their creative voices. Much of his writing and thought is influenced from learning experiences in the Alaskan wilderness, as well as from the teachings and writings of his mentor and friend, Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael.

Check out Don's website at www. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author s by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. . Kindle Edition. Next . Blog post. Alaska Mad Libs! To assist them, I have created a Mad Lib style template they can use to share with Alaskans.

Pass this along so they can choose the appropriate answers and tell us how they feel! Dear Alaskan Oil Companies You have sat silently o. Trickle Dumb Economics. A brilliant new economic philosophy has appeared in Alaska, which will soon be known as the state formerly known as The Last Frontier.

Clearly not fans of big government, in the biggest state in the nation, but huge fans of big oil, the two have envisioned a strategy of targeting those ev. My Valentine's Day Gift to You Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope this finds you all well, and feeling a little love today. My latest writing project is completed. Three years of rewarding, invigorating, and meaningful work with one of the most interesting and intelligent souls I've ever met: Roger Sparks.

The man with at least a million incredible stories. I'll say more about the process and the end product later,. After Shock. After the Quake [Originally Written after a 5. From here on this crisp clear night in Bear Valley, far up on the mountain from the twinkling lights of Anchorage, I am trying not to imagine what I could be seeing nothing but dark, perhaps a few structure fires had the recent quake 5.

We would be sit. Thanks to both St. Martin's Press and Scholastic, the book is available in book stores and at school book fairs in nearly every public school in the country. This version of Jimmy's incredible story will capture the imagination of young readers and inspire them to achieve new heights in their lives. Compelling non-fiction for young adults can be hard to find, which was w.

I'm excited to give you a glimpse of the covers of our young adult edition of Never Quit. This will be out in October and I'm honored to have my buddy Joe Yelverton's stunning photos on the covers. The top book is the Scholastic version and the one beneath that is the edition the public will see in bookstores.

This is the brainchild of Marc Resnick our amazing editor at St. Martin's Press. When Marc's own children were younger he realized that other than autobiographies of. Simple Sauce. Tundra Prom. They Say They say Before the Avalanche. Check out his amazing writing and photography on his website. Old Wounds and Flaws. SEERseeking the future a crystal ball in your palmthe world upside down.

Unbecoming Man. Unbecoming Manthe trees tremblewind the robin sings warningthe hare freezesfearthe bear standsdominancewe become stonediminutive. Earth Day. Ghost Ride. Monster Mine. Shards and Chandeliers. Used Bike. On This Day In History. This Crystal Ball. Yeti: OMG! Sasquatch: no dude, them, humans Yeti: what now? Sasquatch: another National day! Yeti: donut day? Sasquatch: no, that was last monthYeti: National Margarita day? Yeti: idiot w. The Medicine Rises.

The Snow Tells Stories. Goodnight Moose. Thinking of You Poem 5 for Poetry Month. Death By Social Media 5. Truth Poem 3 for National Poetry Month. Message Sent. On the Fence. Last Poem. Last PoemI can't help but wonderabout our last poem humanity's very final thought captured in versehandwritten or typedscrawled in desperationupon a wallpencil or penpensively or sudden flashof inspired ink?

And this final poemthis last poem of humankind -. Full Nest. Uncertain Endings. The Dead Horse Trail. Dear Constituent. Dear Constituent,I realize you took your timeto write me on this daybut contributed not a dime so your letter will not swaywhile I am no expertI am the elected heredon't get your feelings hurta damn I don't give, deardon't bother to write meunless you include a donationlogic won't work, see? Missing: Socks.

Titles By Don Rearden. The Raven's Gift Jan 25, John Morgan and his wife can barely contain their excitement upon arriving as the new teachers in a Yup'ik Eskimo village on the windswept Alaskan tundra. But their move proves disastrous when a deadly epidemic strikes and the isolated community descends into total chaos.

He encounters a blind Eskimo girl and an elderly woman who need his protection, and he needs their knowledge of the terrain to survive. The harsh journey pushes him beyond his limits as he discovers a new sense of hope and the possibility of loving again. See purchase options. Would the real Alaska please stand up? These stories, musings, and rants come from authors whose roots run deep in the Far North. The Alaska Sampler features memoir by Leigh Newman, whose Great Alaskan Dad taught her to fish, hunt, curl up and play dead in the case of curious black bears, and to throw up artfully in the hood of parka while flying in a single prop plane.

Another memoir comes from Jan Harper Haines, whose stories of floods and ghosts were passed down by her Koyukon Athabascan mother. From forty-five years in Alaska, including twelve as editor of the Anchorage Daily News, Howard Weaver takes a fresh look at how the state is changing and not for the better.

Stunning Lincoln Nebraska student girl needs nsa ce fun

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