Broken Arrow aged blonde for fun

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About Publish In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Location: United States. Broken Arrow Publisher info. Broken Arrow loves writing strange tales of perverse and steamy sex. Realism is not key to the process, rather anything goes in the name of fun and fantasy. All characters appearing in these works are fictitious.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Smashwords Interview. Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? Fun to write and a lot of people have enjoyed reading it. What is your writing process? I have a modified version of the Hero's Journey for sexual escapades which I keep at my side while writing.

I also tend to smell, touch, and generally immerse myself in the everyday objects I'm describing. Is someone's face pressed into a table at a coffee shop? Then I go smell a table at a coffee shop, feel it on my cheek, and listen to the sounds around me. Where to find Broken Arrow online. Free until July 31! Derby Girls Unleashed by Broken Arrow Roller derby girls are hot and this series pays homage to their well-trained bodies.

Morgan's Mansion by Broken Arrow Morgan is a powerful, rich young woman who collects pets, but not the kind of pets that you and I are used to - Morgan collects pretty young men, who she keeps at her estate, to be used by her, as she chooses, at any time. Modern Tips by Broken Arrow Navigating the modern world can be difficult both for sluts and gentlemen. Holiday Special by Broken Arrow Smut with holiday themes.

Kinky College by Broken Arrow A college with special event weeks that involve students, faculty, and staff fucking in the halls, classrooms, bathrooms, parking lots, and more! Deep Throat Memorial Week follows right on the tails of Surprise Anal Sex Week and is a week-long celebration of the efforts of one CIA agent who released top secret information that changed the world. Sexual Service Act by Broken Arrow A world in which every single woman voted to pass a set of laws allowing all men to have sex with any woman, at any time, in any place, however they like.

Collections and Compilations by Broken Arrow Works I have gathered into compilations and collections. Full of erotic fun. Slut Scouts by Broken Arrow When a girl turns eighteen, she can the Slut Scouts and dedicate her time to pleasing men. Words: 2, Language: English. Published: March 26, Betsy decided to stay home instead of going away to college.

At twenty-one, she spends her days doing the normal things: Going to parties, watching shows, and doing laundry at the local adult-only laundromat where she's used by any random man that thinks she looks fun. We follow her on yet another laundry-day Published: February 19, Megan works the front desk at the hotel but, like all the women there, that's only one of her jobs. She's off to trade places with her coworker in room where she'll become a toy for the guest there to use however he likes. He's got a big surprise for her and he's not leaving the hotel to see the sights.

He's staying right there where he can enjoy the amenities to the fullest. Published: January 22, Camp Freedom, a place where women can go to experience the outdoors and complete domination by every man at the park. Julie is looking forward to the ways men will bend her to their sexual whims while she's camping. Published: January 18, Coach Cummings loves her roller derby team. She misses her days of being out in the rink with the other girls but she also enjoys helping them become better players.

Of course, it's about more than just preparing them for the games. She needs to be sure they're ready for the rough fucking the fans will put them through, win or lose! Words: 8, Published: January 1, When Danica brings her new "boyfriend" home to meet her family two sisters and her mother , a snow storm prompts them to have him spend the night. All three of the young women and their mother can't help but feel there's something different about him.

As the night progresses, they all share special encounters with him. Published: November 7, Jessica's roommate, Taylor, has returned from overseas but that hasn't made Jessica's work-life or homelife any easier. She serves as a human urinal and a sex toy at home to both her boss, Coulter, and Taylor, when Coulter allows it.

Even her bus rides to work don't see her getting a break in her new uniform! Published: October 2, Jessica's boss, Coulter, has used a part of her contract to move into her apartment rent-free while using her as a urinal and a sex toy whenever he feels like it. Her apartment had been the only place she could get away from her long shifts working in the restroom at the coffee shop. Now, she's under Coulter's control twenty-four-hours a day! Published: September 12, Maria is a thick girl, like most blockers on roller derby teams. Training daily and playing every week has made her strong but it hasn't diminished her curves.

It's after a hard-fought game and she's ready to her teammates, as well as a few lucky fans, in the showers. One, in particular, has her attention and her hopes more than the rest. Will he be there? Published: September 3, Jessica has been working as a urinal in a coffee shop for months, ever since her roommate convinced her to a contract.

Every shift, she has to be cleaned and her boss, Coulter, often takes care of that. How does one clean a human urinal? Nothing a hose can't handle. At least she still gets to go home to her apartment after her twelve to sixteen-hour shifts Published: August 8, Now, Taylor is gone to some store overseas and Jessica is left to serve as a public urinal in a brew-shop. Published: August 3, Zoey ed the women's roller derby team for a few reasons. The petite, agile, and tough young woman loved the sport. There were few things that excited her as much as skating at full speed, dodging women two, three, or more times her size, and sometimes getting knocked down, just to get back up again.

Words: 1, Published: April 29, Take the time to absorb these small poems and gain the wisdom and peace you've always craved. Your journey to becoming a freeuse woman or stabilizing the freeuse lifestyle you've already adopted will be made easier with each verse. Published: January 12, Chloe is just your run of the mill, tall, hot, bikini-clad, female adventurer trying to figure out how she's going to make ends meet with her limited budget. When she's approached by a nasty little goblin while she's sitting alone at the bar, she's not the most welcoming at first.

However, there's a lot that can change for the right type of persuasion. Words: 7, Published: January 10, In this set of four short stories, we follow the sexual adventures of a wealthy, beautiful, young woman named Morgan who keeps a mansion full of young men who serve as her personal toys. Published: January 8, Morgan spends a relaxing day at home playing with her collection of toys. Waking up, having breakfast, and taking a long walk through her garden. A sexy and fun time under the sun and in the morning breeze.

Words: 19, Published: December 28, Published: December 25, Carrie is taking her little sister, Jane, on her first trip on the Adult Public Transport bus. It'll be a completely new experience for the fresh eighteen-year-old and a chance for Carrie to give some valuable advice. It's a world where women using public transit have to make themselves available for the men on the bus to use however they like.

It's just a normal part of their crazy world. Words: 6, Published: December 23, The Modern world can be a confusing and difficult place to navigate, even for a dedicated and clever slut like you. Published: December 19, Erin is nineteen and she would have given up believing in Santa Claus if it hadn't been for what she spotted the jolly elf doing to her neighbor on Christmas Eve when she was eighteen. Published: December 12, Morgan sets off to her office to do a little work and to hunt for new pets to bring home to her mansion.

Does that cute intern stand a chance against her charm? Morgan is a powerful, rich young woman who collects pets, but not the kind of pets that you and I are used to - Morgan collects pretty young men, who she keeps at her estate, to be used by her, as she chooses, at any time.

Published: October 23, Published: September 1, Words: 9, Published: August 25, Published: August 24, Published: August 21, It's Water Conservation Week at the college, a week in which every woman on campus serves as a urinal for any and all the men who need to take a piss.

Broken Arrow aged blonde for fun

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