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Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today June 15 starting at am PDT until the work is complete. We apologize for the inconvenience. Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest. up Log in. Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs.

Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. The most important aspect of satisfaction is trust. Trust us Quality, value, and sensual appeal are all important elements, as are you, the customer. It is a very, very, special collection of sexual devices including lotions , lubricants , massage products , vibrators , dildos, harnesses , and erotic books and videos. If you've been reluctant to purchase sexual products through the mail, we would like to offer you three things that might change your mind.

Everything we ship is plainly and securely wrapped, with no clue to its contents from the outside. All transactions are strictly confidential. Remember, we never sell, rent or trade any names. The Xandria Collection. X P. If a product is unsatisfactory simply return it to us for a replacement or refund.

No questions asked. Should it malfunction, simply return it to us and we'll send you a replacement. You have absolutely nothing to lose. And an entirely new world of enjoyment to gain. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without permission from the publisher. Submission guidelines available upon request with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Submissions will not be returned unless accompanied bySASE. Will a cyborg love slave service your every need?

Will smart drugs give you guaranteed synapse-snapping orgasms? Or will you go online into a 3D digital environment and plug your fantasies into d software? Fantasies of future sex typically conjure up doing the groin-grind in zero gravity with some lizard-skinned alien who sucks us off into the fourth dimension. Personally, I think of Lee Majors. L close my eyes and see Lee undergoing his little electronic transformation at the beginning of The Six Million Dollar Man. A breathy voice tells me how they will make him stronger, faster, better- looking.

Lee starts undressing me from miles away with his beaming bionic eye, then jumps up in extra-slow motion right into my bed. He grabs a fistful of my hair with his bionic hand and plays bodice- ripper with the other. And not the artificial kind.

As my friend Cavra said, «What good is getting it on with androids if our own sexuality is as underdeveloped the Bulgarian space program? Until we stop feeling ashamed and embarrassed about our sexual desires, no smart aphrodisiac in the world will help. Does this mean all the «good parts» will be eliminated?

Will pornography become so superficially erotic that a grapefruit would be a bigger turn-on? No, no, no! Smut and sophistication are not mutually exclusive. From videotape to virtual reality and every phone sex switchboard in between, computer science is changing the way we think about sex. The combination of sex and technology is rapidly turning us on to global village eroticism, and transforming sexual secrets into public discussions. Of course, technology is only as I good as its operators. No slab of silicon can replace I the feeling of being I completely desired by another human being.

To explore the guilt-free zone of erotic infinity. And have a cyborgasm as soon as I can. Hewitt , m. In the dream, a very famous, very sexy blonde film star appeared, touring a campus which was the scene of the dream. Somehow she noticed me, and we ended up having a picnic on the lawn and talking. Eventually — in the dream — I realized that these events could not really be happening, that if I got this close to her in real life her bodyguards would probably beat the shit out of me.

I realized that I was dreaming. I asked her if she wanted to make love. She smiled and removed her blouse. Before long, wed burned off the grass and scorched the ground where we had been sitting. It was absolutely fantastic! When I awoke in bed I was trembling with excitement. Can you consciously have sex in a dream? Everyone has sexual dreams occasionally, but what if you could intentionally make love in a dream with whoever you desire, and have it seem completely real. It can be done. Stephen LaBerge. We study the psychology and physiology of lucid dreams, comparing them to non-lucid dreams and to the waking state.

Once we become lucid in a dream, al the technician by moving our eyes left-right-left-right. When carrying out an experi- ment in a lucid dream, we can mark the beginning and end with eye movement als. Does lucid dream sex have the same effects on the body as real sex? In studies done by Dr. LaBerge, a woman was fitted with electrodes to detect vaginal blood flow and muscle tension.

When she became lucid in her dream, she alled, found a man and had sex with him, cueing the beginning and end of the experience, which culminated in orgasm. The physio- logical measures indicated clearly that she in fact did have a genuine orgasm. Likewise, a man was fitted , with a penile strain gauge and blood flow sensors. In the lucid dream he proceeded in a similar fashion, finding a woman and having sex, and experienced orgasm, which was verified by the sensors as real. When an adult man has a lucid dream orgasm, however, he does not actually ejaculate.

The possibilities are truly endless, in dreams of sex as well as other activities. For instance, in lucid dreams I fly like Superman, pass through walls and windows like a ghost, explore other planets, and have very moving spiritual experiences. I am not alone. An article in Omni , written by LaBerge and Dr. Jayne Gackenbach another lucid dream researcher brought us some 10, letters from people who had experienced lucid dreaming. What is our method for inducing lucid dreaming? First, pick a period of two or three days and nights, especially around the weekend when you can sleep late.

On the day before you want to dream lucidly, ask yourself ] «Is this a dream? Look at something, note its features, then look away. Look at it again. Is it the same? Consider recent events and the stability of current perceptions. For instance, does the room stay the same shape and size? After this reality check, imagine — as vividly as possible — that you really are dreaming. See yourself in a dream and know that it is a dream. You might try squinting your eyes a little to make your surroundings appear blurry and dreamlike. Say to yourself, with emphasis, «I resolve that the next time Fm dreaming, I want to remember that Vm dreaming» It helps to select some common event to remind you to run through the above steps; perform them whenever you use a key, or arrive home, etc.

At bedtime, take a few minutes to thoroughly relax, by employing yoga or other stretching exercises. Try to let the concerns of the day slip away. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to become more peaceful and calm with each exhalation. Recall a recent dream, imagine yourself in it, and notice anything unusual or irregular which identifies it as a dream. I must be dreaming» 4. Say to yourself, with strong intention , «Next time Fm dreaming, I want to remember to recognize that Fm dream ing» Repeat this intention a of times.

Don't move a muscle for a minute or two in order to more easily remember your dream. Then bring yourself to a fully awake state. Carefully remember and memorize the details and feelings of your dream. Turn on the light and read for five or ten minutes. This will help you become fully awake and bring your higher mental faculties into play. When you are ready to fall asleep again, say to yourself, «Next time Fm dreaming, I want to remember to recognize that Fm dreaming» As vividly as you can, visualize your body lying in bed, asleep.

Notice your eyes moving back and forth rapidly behind closed lids, showing that you are dreaming. See yourself in the dream you rehearsed and realize you are dreaming. The more you rehearse the dream over and over again, the better. Box , Stanford, California Daryl E. Hewitt, who lives in San Francisco, holds an m. He has appeared in Life, Psychology Today, on television, in various books on dreams, and lectures on lucid dreaming in the u. T he Brit on the couch has skin like chrome, sweat like by Richard Kadrey molten metal.

Boticelli- perfect lips part, revealing white, needle-like fangs. You take a deep breath, and as the lamia strokes your crotch, your genitalia flash maroon then turquoise, registering excitement and danger Virtual reality VR is a three-dimensional environment generated by a computer. Wearing headgear that projects video images through custom wrap-around lenses, your peripheral vision is saturated while stereo sound is pumped in.

A data glove interfaces with the computer to read your hand movements and provide a sense of direction in the virtual world. Today moving through this world is like being submerged in a crude cartoon because the technology is still in a larval stage. But when it matures, the best virtual environments will be effectively indistinguishable from real-life environments.

When VR comes on- line in your living room, digital sex will become a reality, and everything will change. The advantages of VR sex are many. With the unlimited ecstasy dreams VR offers, passive sex entertainments like porn videos will quickly lose their appeal. Why watch when you can participate? VR sex software will feature scenarios with a variety of sex celebrities from the adult film industry, and no doubt bootlegs featuring pirated and digitized scenes with Hollywood stars like Michelle Pfeiffer and Mel Gibson.

The most expensive scenes, in terms of price and processing power, will be the ones where you have complete control: doing the fucking, being fucked by, and directing the other member s of the scene. You will enter this virtual sex world by donning a data suit. Imagine a skin-tight lycra bodysuit with thousands of sensors built in; some will read your body movements and others will respond.

Adult wants hot sex CA South san franci 94080

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