Sluts that live in Great Falls Montana sa

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Comes in all colors and black. Vlar, dear," said Chief Pontet; "that' terrible, isn't it? Poliak narrated the dVUiiU ,,f a visit to one of the cribs in the tenderloin-told Uxovv, after -his all was conclu ,. A 'he told the. He nnore sniceewsful in, his xear:-J than was Mr. Poitak the chief di. Polisk was speechless and the chief ir.

Higgins Declares Co! De- ark 1 Mr. Iliiryins, a well known horst-'mati of J'. Jeffries ami Jack. Jului-oii, frr the clmmpioiii-diip of the world, will! I "All of the rot that has b-cn published iihout Jeffries and Johnson not mana n their own affairs in rejrard to the 4irrant. Jeffries is taking an active pnrt in the management of all the proceedings and he is the man that is employing people in various sections of the Country to look after his intere-ls. I know this to be a fact, for the reason that while Jeffries was in liutte re-ent! Tliere was a large ttUendaiue at Emeryv:!.

Favorites did nut fare yell, but well played horses were. Rapid Water proved a surprise i:i the. Xew Orleans. A ten-round fijrht. Hayes was cut over his eye in prattice and is unfit to ' H B. New re eii;tl to be from. Senators and representatives are Iw'iiig deluged with protests ag-ain.

Senator Dick was today vvainted on by a committee. Ilie tfinanciaC loss ie represented' as a lecondary consideration, h. It is even charged that the bill, if enacted, would preclude the wearing of uniforms on the s'tage by actors, but as yet no thespiai;: have lodged a formal protest against the liR-asure.

KimKar measures have Ix'en int rodue. J 0 eon-hole. I hae -om:- to terms ' I'. He is one of l in- most -killed men at this work in the country, and is a fellow who tends to his duty and di-s not fool around and """J a nii:r whom he is preparing lor a charge ot the train-pi'i'sonaiiiv look after light, and wi lave 1, I in more TTII liHlllli. But of m- V IH. UMND l! I expect to take part ill the latter portion of his program and will show Jeff how to get the best of Johnson -in the clinches, how-to throw hi.

Jeff can f ile his pounds on Johnson when they clinch, and this- will tell mi the negro iua short time. He wii'l also make th. The negro has a gtiod right-hand upiwr-ciit, but I do not think naat '. XK will al-o come on towards th end '"'" against ki. I am just alwiut 4! Kerger to -elect me as Jeffries' trainer. I trai condition, which w"e all know, means-j """"' --J- f"r 'even if his ban taat iie will! Phone OUK Tianos are the best.

Honesty in our friend. OO per week. W aUo carry everything ia the music world Piano Tuning and Repairing. Hi- heart, and son! The light work he has Keen doing for the past ve ir ha- put him in. I am I unable to sa ju-t where tae bittle vi j j! Ilolway, Ainei H au, in! J : S seconds. Donaldson won hy. Il,,ww t. Indianafxdis, Feb. Cht informatioli from Iawrencelmrir -tliaf. The at- leinpt to destroy the pool jivm. They can. However, lloyo Ibiscoll of Cardiff, Wales, was with him now. He has improved ::id itf in good condition.

I think he will meet some one before long. There are some good men all through Knglaud. They could not come to term as to weights. They will get plenty of enthusiasm from France, since they are neighbors. Tho only trouble is, uiil it last; The French are a volatile, flighty race. Today they are wild about boxing, but they may not be tomorrow. Although not paid for. I'olonel Mci'ague, who is. Maybe we will have tin in. The eld boys- Ii ive got to 1e annisexl. We sure are troin. All 1cct Ijixlge. Clark, Prop. Woo The match will be the biggest, event in state sportdoiu pulled off" in Billings during the present year.

Iturns is a wonderful man, strong as an' ox ami slippery as an eel and F. Harry Stevens, manager of Buscli, says thai he has money that say that liusch can throw- Jerry McCarthy of Butte or any other man in the state and that he is prepared to put the money up at any time.

Sluts that live in Great Falls Montana sa

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