Any women up for quick fun i host

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Sometimes, they play games , sometimes they play pretend or read stories. Plus it can take away some of the awkwardness of video calls! I suggest choosing a project before picking a date and time because, if you go with project strategies 2 or 3 above and need to order or send any supplies to your guests, you have to make sure your party is scheduled after all of the supplies will arrive. Otherwise choose a time when your guests are likely to be free and their children if they have them are in bed!

A good of people is probably somewhere between 3 and 6. If the craft project you pick is a total fail then you can all laugh about how bad it is together. The point is to spend time with people you like and have a little fun with a shared experience! Find out about our newest knitting patterns, crafts, DIYs and inspiration by ing up to receive our weekly newsletter here at Little Red Window! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. We take your privacy seriously, see our privacy policy here!

Learn More. Why should I host a virtual craft party? Crafts are fun! Creating and crafting are therapeutic! Having an activity to do while chatting can help! Just like a regular party, a shared activity is great for bonding. How do I host a virtual craft party? Choose a project to make for your virtual craft party When choosing the project you have 3 strategies to pick from: Choose a project using supplies that pretty much everyone already has at home.

Options include things like book paper flowers , pumpkins or stuffed animals made from socks, string art , yarn wrapped cardboard letters , a clothespin wreath or even an adorable cactus garden made from rocks! For example, if you want to make a cute rainbow wall hanging , you can send each friend some wood be, white yarn and wire.

Choose a pre-made craft kit and send the same one to each person attending your virtual craft party. Super fun options I found include: felt succulents , mosaic stepping stone , decorative paper bowls , boho bracelet kit , paper flower art canvas , painted porcelain bowls , and cute thread bowls! Pick a date and time for your virtual craft party and invite your friends! Make sure your invitation includes: Date and time Virtual location including URL and any relevant passwords or s needed.

What the craft project will be. A list of any supplies or tools your friends need to gather before the party. This might include things like scissors, a ruler, a pencil, tape, newspaper to cover the table etc. The crafts are just a means to an end. Invite friends who know each other or at least one other guest. Consider a theme. Maybe ask everyone to wear a funny hat or fancy jewelry or make their favorite fruity cocktail and share the recipe.

Anything to keep it lighthearted and add to the bonding will work! Minimize background noise. This is not the time for music, barking dogs, spouses or partners on a conference call, or other distractions. Forget the virtual backgrounds. I know virtual backgrounds are fun but to do crafts together you need to be able to see things people hold up or what their hands are doing, and virtual backgrounds can do weird things like cut off your arm if you turn the wrong way.

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Any women up for quick fun i host

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