Looking for dinner and then some

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Please consider subscribing to PureWow. Thanks for Sharing! Now like us on Facebook. Want more where that came from? By Heath Goldman Jan. Start Slideshow. Follow PureWow on Pinterest. Colorful and almost completely hands-off. Psst : Searing scallops takes six minutes flat. All you need is a little over half an hour.

Tastes like it was made in an ancient stone pizza oven. As easy to cook as chicken seriously. Sesame seeds make everything look fancy. Wow everyone with this irresistibly salty-sweet duo. Jump-start the cheesy deliciousness with shredded turkey or rotisserie chicken.

Ooh , we never thought of adding fruit to the mix. They look and taste mega gourmet. Cue the white tablecloths. Sometimes you want the delicious flavor of pizza without all the work. A cheesy baguette takes this dish over the top. It takes 30 minutes, max. You love ordering sirloin at restaurants; now you can make it at home. The delicious mash-up we never knew we needed.

Dish up this beauty on your largest platter. We hacked this classic Spanish dish so it uses one pan and takes an hour. If you have pantry staples on hand, it comes together with just five ingredients. Presenting the smartest way to cook for a crowd.

Surprise and delight. Assemble it in advance and pop it into the oven before serving. Looks exotic but takes virtually no effort to make. Just as healthy as a salad but about a billion times more flavorful. Love cooking but hate doing dishes?

the club. As easy as jarred marinara—but five times as classy. Way more impressive than a burger. Lose the carbs but keep the flavor in just 30 minutes. Way faster and fresher than takeout. Just assemble the ingredients on a baking sheet and pop it in the oven. Even the name sounds shmancy. Hello, slice of heaven. The instant stuff is all grown up. Who has time to stand over a hot stove and stir and stir and stir? Easier than making a turkey cold-cut sandwich. Our favorite seasoning strikes again. Flavorful, warming and easy to prep. Find something that looks fancier.

We dare you. The best way to put leftovers to work. View Thumbnails. SHARE PIN IT More Stories From our Partners. Manage Your registered below! Hey, you know what would make your day better? Reading this PureWow article.

Looking for dinner and then some

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Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes