Any smaller girls wanna get rammed with 7 5 inches

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I lost my virginity to someone with a 9ish incher. All I really remember about that sex is the overwhelming, displeasurable pain of having him punch my cervix with his cock. Maybe 8 inches in length but about 1. It hurt my fucking jaw, and almost dislocated it more than once. But it was a lot of fun. And I felt proud when I fit all of it in. Was with a guy that had a threeish maybe less dick. It helps that I have a shorter smaller vag.

Even average size dicks can feel pretty big to me. Had a couple hookups with a guy whose dick was about the same size as my index finger. We only did blowjobs, but holy shit. It was like someone trying to make me throw up by sticking their finger down my throat. Was with a smaller guy for a while and honestly, it just makes anal a better option. We were fooling around and he asked for a hand job. I went to put my hand around and found that my hand was larger than his fully erect penis.

Dude had a literal cone shaped penis. Too big at the base and too small at the tip. The experience looking back was the worst. I was young and naive. Like trying to have sex with an upside-down ice cream cone. Been with both. Large: Like being repeatedly gut punched because the dude had no idea what he was doing. I am not a size queen. Small: Actually really good. He had the plus of being relatively girthy, and he knew how to work with what he had. The angle he got was great for more clitoral stimulation which was great. My husband was small. It never mattered. It was great and made bjs much easier!

He passed years back. I began dating another guy and he was long and decently thick. I could hardly walk. He had to be careful for a long time because it was painful. I got used to it. Bjs were exhausting and I gagged a lot even with taking precautions with my hand. Overall, I enjoyed both extremes. My shortest ex was actually the one with the largest penis. We would have to use the vibrator on me first, because it was thinner, in order to stretch me out enough that he would fit without hurting me. Has its pros and cons. Blowjobs were the bane of my life.

I used to be an avid giver but now I hate them. Also has its pros and cons. Dude was loving every second and so I did too. Had sex with a big dick guy, it was simultaneously the most boring and painful sex of my life. He pretty much just laid there while I tried to figure out how to fit this terrifying doom cannon into my body. I gave up after about 10 minutes, then he cried.

I threw up in his lap after choking on his cock. That thing was a foot long, I swear. Large, like a good 9 inches and thick as my wrist. It hurt. I was like all mmmm look at that then it quickly turned to horror when it went in and punched my cervix. Threesome with my GF and a mutual friend. He had an enormous schlong. And I can describe the experience in 2 words: jaw cramps. I lost my virginity to a man with an above average penis.

It took 3 days, a lot of willing tears and my brain associating pain with intense pleasure especially when the head of his member kissed my cervix intensely over and over. We broke up years ago and I still miss that dick. His member was perfect g-spot rubbing size especially in cowgirl position and I remember squirting for the first time with him. He even managed to make me gag on his johnson and that was surprising for me. One of my exes, was quite large in girth and length.

It was so small that fingering myself felt bigger. It was terrible and now I know why he wanted to wait til marriage for sex. Have been with a couple larger guys and it is enjoyable in most positions but every now and then it really hurts. Like not enough for me to stop them because it still mostly feels good, but enough for me to bleed the next day. But when you say small are you talking micropenis small? I dated a guy with an actual micropenis for about a year in college.

It was honestly some of the best sex of my life. That man ate pussy like Kobayashi. Toys, role playing, dirty talk? Any peripheral of the actual pnv he was a master of. Some of those experiences are still in my spank bank to this day.

Had a Tinder hookup with a guy. When I get there he whips it out and I swear, he had to have 3 inches, max. The condom was almost too big for him. I felt kind of bad because I was obviously pissed off when I left and he immediately unmatched from me the moment I stepped out of his apartment.

When I was ranting about it to my friends, one of them pointed out that although it was a bad situation for me, think of how embarrassed he was. Bi guy here, I hooked up with a guy whose cock was as thick as his forearm. I knew it was big from the photo he sent me but you never really know just how big or small a dick is until you get your hands on it. We ended up just making out and jerked each other off. Above average can be absolutely incredible, especially in certain positions.

That is until your cervix gets hit. My current fiance right now! He has a very large uncircumcised member which sometimes injures me which sucks because of our personal preferences. One time he bruised my cervix. Hooked up with a guy who had a very, very short and very, very thick penis. I guess it would be considered a chode? I honestly was shocked when I first saw it. The experience was fine..

I had with both and honestly speaking, the experiences are amazing. For the small one… Well… we tried a lot of trial and error positions and when we find the one, we go full out on it like rabbits. It was honestly a great experience.

We laughed a lot in between but still, everything works wonderfully and I love every bits of it. The large one… God that was monstrous. And it was mind-blowing. Slept with a virgin who had a micro penis. It tore and it hurt. During sex it felt great I guess because of the adrenaline but afterwards I was doubled over in pain. It felt like my cervix had been drop kicked by Chuck Norris. It was awful, painful, my cervix was in constant pain the whole time and I felt like I was going to throw up, I could never even come close to orgasming with him.

I knew it was big, but went all in. Thought of him every time I sat down for a week. I had a one nighter with a guy who had a micro penis once. The actual sex was honestly fine. The sex was good, but next to no foreplay. Hurt so much I was honest to god limping the next day.

On the other end, had an ex boyfriend who was small 4 inches if I remember correctly. He was very self conscious about it. He always made sure I was satisfied one way or another. Had both actually. Abnormally large ripped me open every time we had sex and it took me a week to recover each time. Abnormally small was the love of my life. Had an experience with a guy with a small weird one.

Imagine a small pill bottle with a golf ball on top. This was his equipment, short and thin with a monster head. The abnormally large one was so incredibly painful I refused to sleep with him again, actually made me bleed. If I had to estimate size, it was at least 10 inches, with girth to match. Dude lived a few blocks away. His dick pic looked small like a chode. Fast forward to us in his bedroom. I was soooooo wrong. It was average length and thick like a beer can at the widest part. At first it was fun, but after a few minutes I just felt like I was being punched in the ass.

A few weeks later I got some poppers, was able to relax went to his place again. More enjoyably except I think he took viagra and put some premature ejaculation cream, stuff to numb your dick to make you last longer, because he fucked me straight for about 45 mins non-stop. It hit my prostate good because I squirted piss a few times unintentionally. I never saw him again because beer can Joe was just too much for a bi curious dude like myself.

Any smaller girls wanna get rammed with 7 5 inches

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Does it REALLY make a difference to sex if he's got a big one?