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Elsa to produce gusty winds, heavy rain, and isolated tornadoes across parts of southeast Georgia and South Carolina, before pushing into the Mid-Atlantic on Thursday and Northeast by Friday. Torrential downpours throughout parts of South Texas may bring widespread, possibly life-threatening, flash flooding to the area. Excessive heat and fire weather threats are impacting the West. A violent tornado formed at the town of Vici at pm CST on April 14th in northwestern Dewey County and moved northeastward through the southeastern part of Vici, where it damaged 50 buildings.

The twister then continued through rural parts of extreme northwestern Major County and southeastern Woodward County before tracking into Woods County. In Woods County the tornado moved along a path that was south of Waynoka, northwest of Hopeton and southeast of Alva before it struck the town of Capron at am CST during the early morning of April 15th. After exiting Capron, the tornado continued northeastward through extreme northwestern Alfalfa County and then dissipated near Kiowa, KS in southeastern Barber County just north of the Oklahoma-Kansas state line.

The storm produced damage along a track that was about 73 miles long. It is possible that this event was comprised of a family of tornadoes from a parent supercell thunderstorm instead of being a single, long-track tornado. Many farm homes and other buildings were destroyed in the rural areas near Waynoka, Hopeton and Alva, as well as the entire business section of Capron. Damage reached F5 intensity in an area 5 miles south of Waynoka where most of the fatalities occurred and farmhouses were completely swept away.

At least one death in this area occurred when the tornado struck an automobile. In a case of unfortunate timing, the tornado and a train arrived simultaneously at Capron, and several railroad cars were derailed. The new brick school building in Capron was a total loss, and the southeast part of that town sustained heavy damage. A total of 7 persons were killed and another 19 were injured by the tornado, with 15 of the injuries occurring in Capron.

The tornado unroofed the Three Corner School near its touchdown point before slowly moving east-northeast and crossing into Dewey County. The tornado then hit Leedey and slowly ground through the northern two-thirds of the town before dissipating 3 miles east-northeast of Leedey. The tornado was slow moving and highly visible, and Leedey residents had minutes to take cover from the approaching storm. A warning sounded by siren and loud-speaker sent many of the city's residents, who were busy with Saturday evening shopping, into storm cellars well before the arrival of the tornado.

The twister took about 5 minutes to cut a swath a half mile wide through Leedey, and it destroyed 75 percent of the business district, including 20 buildings in a thirty-block area. Many homes and businesses were swept clean by the tornado, and several inches of top soil were vacuumed from the ground in some of the affected areas.

A total of homes were destroyed and another or homes were damaged. Seven people were killed by the tornado and 15 people were injured. These totals may have been much higher if the tornado had occurred undetected after dark. It is possible that the slow movement of the storm lent to the F5 appearance of the damage, and winds of less than F5 intensity may have been responsible for the worst damage.

This large tornado began west of Canton in Dewey County and moved north-northeast toward and eventually over Canton Lake. However, more ificant damage occurred as the tornado moved into Blaine County. The tornado moved northeast toward Canton Lake, which is where more ificant damage occurred.

Near the lake, on both sides where the tornado crossed, ificant tree damage occurred. Numerous trailer homes were knocked over or destroyed. On the south side of the lake, two injuries occurred at the Canadian Campground. Several other campers took shelter in a concrete bathhouse. Although the bathhouse sustained damage, no injuries were reported. Other concrete structures benches, pick-nick tables, etc. On the other side of the lake, southwest of Longdale, ificant damage continued to more structures and trees.

The large, violent tornado continued due north into Major county. The tornado hit homeste and barns, severely damaging most structures, and splintering trees and power poles. One of the farmste received on the upper end of EF-3 damage, with the house completely collapsing and the trees on the property debarked and snapped.

The tornado continued near Cedar Springs, damaging the church roof, and severely damaging a mobile home and several buildings at a farmstead. The tornado finally lifted southwest of Fairview. Boren Blvd. Suite Norman, OK Comments? Please . Please try another search. Multiple locations were found. Please select one of the following:.

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Would really love to date a Dewey Oklahoma

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