Any boy need a good pounding

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This post delves deep into the psychological meanders of the male mind to give you all the tricks in the book to make men obsessed with you. And a woman who can muster irrational abandon and Dionysiac sexuality will exert and irresistible pull on him this is one of the reasons men are attracted to the woman dancing the craziest possible way in the club. She uses a dionysiac spirit of irrationality to make him want to possess her.

And he just experienced the power of irrationality:. In this example, she makes him want to fuck her, but she also ends up looking like a low-quality girl. But madness is not synonymous with stupid and you can do the same without looking stupid. See the example from Aida Yespica in:. You will resist him AND show an overpowering sexual lust: the best of both worlds. So I decided to stop charging and let her do some touching.

I took her hand and started running it across my body. My abs, then down on my upper leg and thigh. Then slowly back up again. And then back up again. On the next pass, I let her linger a bit more on my crotch. Then lower down again. But just a dip.

She was showing me all the s of pure sexual abandon. But she snaps back to rational, again resisting me. Of course her panting and horny is the whore, while resisting again in spite of her dripping sexuality is the Madonna part. The succession of unbridled lust and rational resistance lasted for a while. For more techniques on delaying sex also read: how to turn down sex. Anger and lust, passion and fear, warmth and coldness. And, most of all, physical heat and emotional distance. The key is to alternate them. Give positive feelings, then take it away. Then have lustful sex.

Then rinse and repeat. A mix of strong and positive emotions alternating with negative ones rarely fails to make men lust and obsess over you. My date was late and, slightly annoyed, I used that time to shop for groceries.

When I came out, there she stood: a perfect candid baby face with a striped suit mixed al. That annoyed me once again. I asked her to help me carry the grocery. My patience was running out. Of course I decided for the latter. We walked without exchanging a single word for a couple of minutes, and then she went from cold to teasing. She made fun of sulking me. Then she finally swung the opposite direction. I was already horny, but with that turnaround, damn! I wonder how did I resist from bending her over and possessing her in the street.

Make him feel like the best man in the world, make him feel like he can make you so happy and satisfied. The Madonna-whore sexual seduction also leverages push-pull and mixed als. While that definitely can work albeit often with the wrong guys! Greene says that the most powerful Regression , the Infantile Regression, is all about unconditional love. An ex-girlfriend of mine was a natural when it came to oedipal regression strategy. This was what my ex did:. That was unexpected. But the truth is that I still feel emotionally connected to my ex.

And if I have to think of an ex girlfriend with whom to cuddle, it would be her. Watch this interview with a former girlfriend of Charlie Sheen. Listen well to what she says:. She will always love him because she sees little Charlie in need of protection. This is the inverse regression. Here you regress to childlike behavior.

In the presence of youth, men feel like their own youth is coming back. They get to feel like father and take care of you, but with the addendum of the sexual side. Mixing sex and innocence is exactly what made Marilyn Monroe so appealing. This is an example with a mature woman instead. The rules bend with inverse regression.

And he will act accordingly and do everything for you OK, now I link to Lolita. Men with no pedophile tendencies can be put off I had to tell a girl playing baby with her Tweety underwear not to wear them anymore. The first part here is good, the last one is too much:. Some of them, because they were great.

But if I could go back in time one time, and one time only, that would be to change things with the woman who told me:. Ex-fling : I wish I had never done it with you. In a way, those words stole my innocence and burned a little hole in my conscience. And even to this day, after she forgave me, I still feel I need to make it up to her. It will not work with narcissists and sociopaths. Some of them will even see it as a badge of their deceptive skills. We were pillow talking and s he was prodding about me and my life -funny how some women remember to do that after , BTW-.

I love after sex conversation. You can drop the masks and really be yourself. So when it came to love and past relationships I delivered my line which I thought was cool as hell:. I laughed at the beginning thinking how that was the best comeback I had ever heard.

But I also realized later I was perversely more attracted to her. Emotional abuse sucks. Physical domination appeals to women more than most people would care to admit. For many women, rape-like sex is a fantasy. And, sometimes, more than a fantasy. Relationship researcher John Gottman , in The Science of Trust reveals he was shocked to meet woman after woman confessing that their best sex was right after a beating.

Men have it too. And many say that the most powerful men have it more often and more strongly. Yet, in milder forms, it will get most guys very into you. Having sex during a fight, or when it seems you two are on the verge of splitting , is extremely seductive. And so is a mix of sex and aggression. Notice again the mix of emotions: hate, carnal passion and love. This is a big weapon in the arsenal of the teasing seduction styles see: seduction styles. The below the belt touches are a form of waving a red flag in front of him.

Teasing Seductress : I might be into you… Are you gonna be man enough to come get me? Indeed sexually-laden talk is a great, great way to arouse someone. That way, you make him want to fuck while still coming across as a high quality woman. Check this forum entry for a couple more ideas on talking about sex without using curse words. Obsession guaranteed. Some men will love a woman taking charge.

I dedicate less space to them as they are either less effective, more destructive, or more tailed to certain types of men. They include:. However, the above techniques are nasty and high quality men will not stick around when you play them. And this article showed reliable techniques to get him hooked. Warning : this post contains a lot of mind games and mind fuck techniques.

The Dionysiac Mind-Fuck Example 2.

Any boy need a good pounding

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