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The new financial overhaul bill includes the creation of a new Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. The bureau will write and enforce rules that affect many companies offering financial products. Now the question is: Who will head it?

The bureau is largely the brainchild of Harvard law professor Elizabath Warren. But some Republican critics say she may be too partisan. This month authorities in Syria banned the niqab at public universities. The minister of higher education said that the face veil, which some Muslim women wear on campus, runs counter to academic values and the traditions of Syrian universities. This comes as several European countries, including France, debate laws prohibiting Muslim women from wearing the full face covering in public.

We take a look at two sides of the debate over Islamic face veils with Hebah Ahmed, a Muslim- American who wears a Niqab and Mona Eltahawy , a Muslim journalist and blogger who writes about Muslim identity and favors a ban. The governor of Wyoming is threatening to sell two parcels of state-owned land in Grand Teton National Park to the highest bidder, unless the federal government comes up with a compensation deal that is to the state's liking.

We talk with Cory Hatch, a reporter with the Jackson Hole News and Guide , about this latest federal versus state land management dispute. Many groups want to bring a computer to every child in the world, on the assumption that the computer will help the child in school and life. But is that assumption true? A new study of lower income families in Romania shows that the introduction of a computer in the home markedly lowered grades in school, but improved the child's cognitive skills, like spatial relations.

We speak with study co-author Ofer Malamud , assistant professor of public policy at the University of Chicago. Pinchbeck's Rose Farm in Guilford, Connecticut closed two years ago, citing foreign competition. Now it's back in business, because of an unique program supported by autism advocates and the state of Connecticut to train people with autism to work on the farm. Close close Donate. Listen Live: Morning Edition. Close Close. Morning Edition Value this story?

Woman wants nsa Jackson Hole Wyoming

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