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The other night, my best friend and hubby-in-law, one of the most in-sync couples I know, had an argument. The reason? While I normally mock unreasonable jealousy, deeming it is a completely fruitless pursuit, this one hit a spot. Rather, it is the idea of men virally following these girls — quite literally, like a bunch of dogs following a foul smell — that is unnerving. Going through his phone, we discovered that of his followees were indeed Instasluts: gym selfies, car selfies, mirror in the mirror of a mirror selfies — how many reflective surfaces can these girls find?

Please keep in mind that his wife is gorgeous and works very hard on retaining the same physique she had in high school when they met, after having two children. Granted, I did her a favor and unfollowed them all. I understand that men are visual creatures and this is technically just eye candy, a harmless distraction from the mundane, similar to Sports Illustrated or soft porn.

And something about that simply feels wrong. Am I being crazy, bitter, jealous that my waist-to-hip ratio will never resemble a 4th grade math equation and my mirror selfie will never garner 7,, likes? I think I might be. But do I also have a point? I think you have a point! Hi Jenna!

Maybe its the idea that the guy constantly having visual stimulation to compare me too…? My own insecurities? Going thru the same! Now that he has me we got married in March he thinks he can continue to flirt with these sluts. Takes 2 to do wrong.

Bottom line is, most men these days need to look at prostitutes to get turned on. A lot of these girls on IG are actually call girls. When they are having sex with you they are not thinking about you, they are pretending you are the person or persons they were looking at on the phone earlier. Why do do you think there is an epidemic of erectile disfunction?

Because men cannot be turned on by the real thing. They need to be turned on by pixels of women who are nothing but demons!!!!! They only wanted your body…. My ex followed hundreds of instasluts. I said I will follow hot men and do the same he said he wasnt bothered.

Then try masturbating in front of him to a pic of one of his friends. Good luck!!!! Just today I was going through Instagram and saw my boyfriend was following girls holding guns who were wearing booty shorts and had tiny tank tops on with their tits popping out. Im pretty sure he recently started following that too. I start to wonder if I should just end it. Any ideas? I feel unloved. You are not alone. Jenni My ex was always intrigued with these sights but in the end it was still in my mind upsetting that I was 40 and he was looking at 20 year old instasluts.

Nothing more ever came out of it…he lost his job and started doing meth with an ex co-worker.. Still nothing came of it. Then one day one did show up I found this piece of trash hiding in my basement so I pulled her by the weave and threw her out. I left too. But am so not trusting anyone. Most women are so hypocritical. And you know him and clearly visit him with or without your husband.

You introduce insecurities you get insecurities. Why are you hanging on to your male best friend then? Do you not have a life of your own you need to tend to and take serious? I have been in a relationship for three years which started out rocky with my partner messaging past gfs always with an excuse or lie and then constantly adding these attention seeking Insta s and liking multiple bikini clad women.

And this was just the beginning of him then messaging random women and trying to pass them off as old acquaintances be it through PT work or Army he was once it. Although I am male, I am neither in a relationship nor am I fallowing one of those graceful females you mentioned. But I like to thank you for all the time and work you put into this blog. Everytime I spend 3,5 minutes to read one of your posts I have a big, big smile on my face. I hope we se you around for a bit longer. Thank you! B — thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.

I am definitely sticking around, so please do so as well! My boyfriend and I have had these issues from the beginning of our relationship- I have body dismorphia and have had two kids and hate my tummy now- tons of stretch marks, working out and eating healthy in my thirties- and these chicks with a fucking waist that I surely will never have again?

Which make me feel- weird: to put it plainly. And I just asked, why? Why are you doing it? Are you not happy with us? Literally- I had to get myself off insta bc I found myself looking for what he was looking at. Thanks for your article!!

I feel exactly the same way. How did you deal with this situation? I am going through something similar. My bf while at Christmas dinner with me and my family was liking naked photos.. His real life friends! They all hate me and have literally created an online hate campaign because i called this behaviour out. How about hitting the gym? How about not having seconds for desserts tonight? Or dessert at all. We want thin, sexual, obedient sex toys in bed, not some nagging, old biddy who whines online about her insecurities rather than wrapping her lips around our dick.

Which you take no side in and just blame your unsatisfying relationships all on the woman. So you generalise women in relationships as being the ones who are insecure, nagging and not as attractive as the temporary satisfaction of some random women who would open her legs and keep her mouth shut for you. Instead of acknowledging the respect you could give to your partner in order to improve your sex life and relationship with her.

Basically males all struggle regardless to stick to one woman. Stop making excuses for cheating. Full stop. Problem is you cannot actually obtain the women you intend to chase. Instead do everyone, including yourself, a favor and just stay out of monogamous relationships since this is how you feel. To the females: I feel women are reasonable about this issue. We understand men liking porn and females bodies, most women enjoy it as well.

However viewing porn in private is different than publicly following nude chicks and having them come up on a feed at all times of the night and day. Keep your private time with porn or any arousing material private. It wld be disrespectful and i care about his feelings. Am i right? Yup that guy wont ever have anything more than jergens and tissues till the day he dies. Do us a favor and gtfo…. We are human beings and we do deserve more respect than that.

All women are beautiful in their own way. Says the likely bitter incel who hates women. No one with that much hatred toward females is getting any — your post stinks of the same insecurity you complain about.

Masculine snap chat sluts wants to please you tonight

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