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I had barely been married to Nigel for three months when I realized what a mistake I had made. Not only was he a mummy's boy, having to go home for his tea at least once a week, but he had settled into married life and taken to an arm chair like a l I was new in town. I had taken a week off work for the move and was settled in, this was my first exploration of my new surroundings. A perfect summer morning and my first walk. According to the map, the lane was a dead end, but a public footpath Some years ago, something happened to me that was beyond my wildest fantasies.

I was picked up by a stranger for sex. It happened in a local gym. I am not sporty. I don't excercise for the sake of it, but I was recovering from an illness that had Hubby and myself went to bed, one of t Back in the days when most unconventional sexual activity was conducted via contact magazines, I hooked up with a guy named Dave. He was a rep. I guessed Our last swing with James and Ali was memorable. We had arranged to meet at a swish hotel a short distance e away, close enough for easy access, but far enough to provide some anonymity.

My wife Louise and I arrived early and settled into the Having been to Fairlight a few times now I had been interested in going to a naturist club or spa and experience what it was like to be closer to others. I love to be looked at and was really turned on at the thought of lots of men, and women looking To pick up where we left off my neighbours GF had her arm around my waste and inviting my hubbies friends to agree how hot I was. They took it in turns to add their complements saying how lucky hubby was and how lucky my neighbours were to have such Our second swing was accidental.

We had met another couple at a mutual friends birthday party. We all got on quite well, we were similar in ages with both of the women being younger than the men. Nothing eventuated on that night however we found ou As my wife and her lover were kissing on the seat in the terrace, I was watching from a discreet distance. I could hear them murmuring and saw his right hand begin to move up her legs towards the "honeypot". She broke their kissing and took the cig I had just left the raf so was about I agreed and went to his studio, h Fingers crossed that the relaxation of restrictions, and the new management keep the magic formula.

In a moment of shared experience, everyone in the room decided that it was flipping hot, and that opening the door was fairly urgent. As soon as the d In the ten years we had been married my wife Charlotte and I had not used contraception and much to our surprise she had never fallen pregnant. Now just over thirty my wife and I were wanting kids and started to worry about why she wasn't already pre I met my wife Sally when we were eleven. No she wasn't bride. She and her family had just moved into our street so that she fell into the catchment of the Catholic school.

I was in love from the moment I saw her. She was, and still is, a for Free! Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres. Cross Dressing. First Time. Introduction to swinging Nigel was a mummy's boy and I needed to wake him up. Better than counselling. My fitness is tested. A visit to the porn cinema Wife visits a porn cinema with guy from a contact mag….

Another swing with James and Ali More fun with our friends. Comments always welcome…. Nosey Neighbour got more than I bargained for part 13 Naked in front of hubbies friends…. Another Swing We introduce another couple into the world of swinging. As always comments welcomed. A little introduction - Part 2 Starting a New Life…. Bi side realised Old man photographer made me feel things I never thought I would…. Summer Sundays at Eureka part4 The final part of the story, and the end of an that brings together years of visits to Eureka in one day.

Charlotte wanted babies and I couldn't give them to her Charlotte was shaking knowing not two or even three men were to have their way with her, there was four men waiting. She said she wanted to be a virgin on our wedding night I returned to our room to find my wife with three men.

Free erotic story swingers

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