Friends and bonding?

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Friendship is a kind of relation that requires a lot of honesty, trust, and understanding between two people. It is difficult to imagine a life without friends in it. The very thought of your friends leaving you will make you scared. Such is the ificance of this beautiful bond. Without friendship, the world is incomplete. Every relation has its own ificance, but friendship certainly stands out from the rest with its unique charm.

As a part of our friendship week, we bring to you 10 reasons why friendship is the best bond ever. Friendship is one special bond that you cannot replace with any other bond. The kind of connection you have with your friends will not be found in any other relationship. It is something unique that links two people who look out for each other. There is a lot more to friendship than spending time together, or just having fun. It is a kind of bond that gives life to your soul. More often than not, we fight with our friends for unnecessary reasons or misunderstand each other.

But, what is friendship without reconciliation? Overlooking the mistakes and resolving issues without any ego are some of the usual things in friendship. Friendship is something where you need not pretend. You can simply be yourself, and no one will ever judge you for that. So pretending is never the rule. Friendship is the only relation where we can act like siblings, best friends, well-wishers, parents and sometimes, lovers as well. After all, friends are the people who can put up with any role to make you happy. Friendship is not just about doing some crazy stuff together, but also supporting friends during their hard times.

Friendship is quite expressive. Friends are often experts in expressing emotions that do not require any spoken words. They will be the ones to cheer you up and make you realize what you truly are, both physically and emotionally. Friends are those people in our lives, with whom we are at extreme ease. We are comfortable enough to share our darkest secrets, joys and sorrows with them. We know we can rely on these people, no matter what. With time, friendship can only get stronger because you get to know your friends better with each passing day and appreciate the same with all your heart.

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Friends and bonding?

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10 Reasons why Friendship is the Best Bond Ever